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Kids Yoga is cancelled Dec 11th!!

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Sunday, Jan 12th at 12noon.

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First class is FREE, EXCEPT for workshops, Kids Yoga and Pre Natal classes!

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At Putnam Yoga, we specialize in fitness-based yoga classes for beginners to advanced experts alike, by personalizing training techniques for individual needs. Always taught by an experienced, certified instructor, our yoga classes are designed to combine a variety of innovative and traditional yoga styles that target specific muscle groups to increase agility. Like YogaFit®, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, we unite strength training and flexibility into one, total body practice.

For yoga experts who are in need of a more challenging yoga practice, we incorporate power yoga poses and techniques that are designed for in-depth strength training, as well as improvements in breathing, posture and mobility.​  

For beginners and new students, or individuals in need of a refresher, these yoga classes focus on a safe introduction to the fundamental poses in a traditional yoga practice. 
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-How do I receive my first class for free?

ANSWER- Arrive 10-15 minutes before any class on our schedule (EXCEPT for Pre Natal Yoga) to fill out a green health care form and THATS IT!!

-Do I need to call or reserve a spot online?

ANSWER- You can just show up for any class,

EXCEPT for Pre Natal.  That is the only class where you need to reserve a spot.

-What do I wear?

ANSWER- Any comfortable clothing, most people practice barefoot.  If you want to wear socks make sure they have a grippy bottom to them.

-Do I need to bring anything?

ANSWER -If you have your own yoga mat, bring it.  We have a few at the studio for people to borrow

Movement and exercise during pregnancy can help relieve stress and anxiety, as well as build stamina, strength and focus for recovery and newborn care.  In this yoga class designed for expectant mothers, we will practice breathing techniques while gently moving through active and restorative postures in order to exercise, center and relax both mind and body. 

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